28th, 29th February & 1st March 2024

Strategy Networks Provider Testimonials

This event has given us the best access to the decision makers in a way where we can get our message across. I would argue that some of the others are not worth going to because if you have got something innovative and different, you need the concentrated time with the right decision makers in order to do that.
CEO, Foundation Stones Group
We have been quite overwhelmed with the positive reception so far. It looks like video is a trend in general in many organisations and I feel that after our presentation there was a lot of idea generation - companies approaching us in terms of project ideas they have or how they can improve what they are already doing with video. Overall, it has been very impressive.

The speed networking is something I haven't done before and I found extremely useful. We had quite a lot of meetings scheduled out of it and a lot of extra interest was generated.
Director of Enterprise Sales, Kaltura
Speed networking had a nice format. Going around the room talking to everybody in a structured environment lets you mark a few faces and know where to pick up conversations later.
Business Development Manager, Peakon
The business meetings were useful as we were able to pick who we want to meet and prepare for that. The fact that we were doing so many meetings in two days was good.
Senior Account Executive, D2L
One highlight is the fact that we have had the opportunity to have our first conversation of what will be many with a number of people. Also, the fact that we had the opportunity to give a presentation has meant that people have come to us with further questions.
Founder & CEO, Cool Leadership